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Our ready-made concepts – tried and true


We actively produce the following event concepts for our private clients and for the public. Tried and true, we’ve perfected their delivery and have a 100% happy client track record! We also constantly come up with new ideas – if you’d like us to create a bespoke concept for your event, click here.

Indeedy Musical Bingo concept
Indeedy Musical Bingo is like normal bingo except instead of calling out numbers our DJ plays songs! Players mark songs off their unique bingo cards as they hear them to win some fantastic (and kitsch) prizes! It’s the perfect antidote to the same old party, our fun, addictive competition will disarm even your most reserved guests. Suitable for all ages.

We’re currently delivering this concept on a weekly/monthly basis to public, private and corporate events in London, New York, and Sydney.

Required specs: open plan space with PA, DJ booth, and self-contained bar. Ideally a stage.

For more information about this concept, please visit our Indeedy Musical Bingo website.

Indeedy Musical Bingo collage

Indeedy Nights Concept

Indeedy Nights is a series of themed listening parties designed for cocktail bars and upscale venues. We’re currently providing this concept to Soho House & Co. for their members.

Themes include: 90s Love Songs, Dolly Parton & Friends, Colours of the Rainbow, and Let’s Get Metaphysical.

Required specs: open plan space with PA, DJ booth, self-contained bar, and comfortable seating. Ideally a luxury setting.

I Love Lists conceptI Love Lists is a fun, interactive list-making event focusing on self-expression and boosted productivity. It’s a great entertainment option for private events and works really well with team-building. We can tailor the list-making content to match your event’s theme. A great way to break the ice!

Required specs: open plan space with PA, self-contained bar, comfortable seating and tables.

Visit the I Love Lists website for more information here.

I Love Lists Collage

Lunchtime Disco concept

Lunchtime Disco is a daytime dance party, featuring an eclectic and fun music policy that will make you dance in broad daylight. Perfect for energising the crowd, Lunchtime Disco will certainly shake things up!

Required specs: open plan space with self-contained bar, PA, and DJ booth.

Click here for the Lunchtime Disco website.

Lunchtime Disco Collage

Pick & Mix Logo

Pick & Mix is a sweeet DJ event for music fans with assorted tastes. We provide an eclectic dance-worthy soundtrack that will make you do the following moves. Expect Motown, 70s disco, electronic from 1983, Britney, Whitney, Mariah, and everything in between. We give sweeties to the best (or most enthusiastic) dancers! This event is perfect with corporate parties catering for wide age ranges – it’s a crowd pleaser!

Required specs: open plan space with self-contained bar, PA, and DJ booth.


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